NZXT's Hue 2 products aim to light up your desktop, inside and out

NZXT wants to light up your entire desktop with its new Hue 2 family of RGB accessories, though it isn't only setting its sights (and lights) on your case and cooling gear. The company introduced 10 new Hue 2 products in all, including RGB lighting kits for monitors.

Placing LED light strips on the back of a display is not a new idea by any stretch, particularly in home theater setups. However, players the PC hardware market haven't really pushed the concept.

"Available in two configurations, one for 21-inch to 26-inch monitors and one for 27-inch to 35-inch, the Hue 2 RGB Ambient Lighting Kit adds gorgeous lighting to your gaming PC and provides a more immersive in-game experience by projecting the colors from the edges of your display to your walls," NZXT says.

There's also an 'Underglow' accessory to splash a bit of RGB lighting underneath your PC case. It incorporates a diffuser for a softer, more even glow, with separate options available for standard ATX and larger extended ATX (E-ATX) cases, and micro ATX (mATX) and mini-ITX cases.

"One of the key innovations in the new Hue 2 family is the addition of a microcontroller to every single RGB accessory. This innovative, patent-pending feature allows each Hue 2 component to identify its specific LED configuration, breaking the limits faced by existing RGB components available today," NZXT explains.

At the center of the new lighting gear and Hue 2 ecosystem are a couple of new controllers: the four-channel Hue 2 RGB controller and the external Hue 2 Ambient Lighting controller. Each of the four channels on the RGB controllers supports up to 40 LEDs and six accessories, and the unit itself is backward compatible with NZXT's existing Hue+ LED strips and Aer RGB fans.

The Hue 2 RGB kit sells for $74.99 and comes with the controller and four RGB light strips. 

Not all of NZXT's Hue 2 products appear to be available yet. The ones we found in NZXT's online store include the Hue 2 Ambient controller ($99.99), Hue 2 Underglow kit ($34.99), Hue 2 LED light strips ($24.99 for a pack of two), and Hue 2 Cable lighting kit ($29.99).

We're currently going hands-on with the new Hue 2 kit and will have impressions soon.

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