NZXT is making cheaper versions of H-series cases without 'smart' features

One of the few knocks against NZXT's H700i case is that it's a bit expensive for a mid-tower chassis, which is a byproduct of having an integrated smart device to control the fans and lighting through the company's CAM software. That's a big part of the case's appeal and part of the reason why we selected it as the case of the year for 2017. If that part doesn't interest you, however, NZXT is now selling a less expensive version that doesn't come with a smart device.

NZXT is also doing the same for its H400i and H200i cases. Along with the H700i, all three are now available in non-i format at lower price points for builders who just want the case.

Here's a look at how the prices compare:

Note that we're comparing the MSRPs of the H700/H400/H200 to street pricing for the H700i/H400i/H200i. The non-i cases aren't showing up on retail sites like Amazon yet. If we compare the MSRPs, the H700 and H400 are both $50 less expensive than their i-model counterparts, and the and H200i is $40 cheaper.

Other than stripping out the smart device, the non-i variants are the same. They're also offered in the same color options, including white and black, all-black, black and red, and black and blue.

The new cases are available now direct from NZXT (linked above), though it might be worth waiting a bit to see how street pricing shakes out. 

Paul Lilly

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