Case of the Year: NZXT H700i

We’ve probably built in hundreds of different PC cases now and we can confidently say that none of them have brought us as much ease and satisfaction as NZXT’s recently released H700i. There’s a certain euphoric feeling you get when you peel off the sticky plastic from your electronics and NZXT has somehow managed to give me those feels while handling exceptional cable management of all things.

As for its design, the H700i doesn’t bring anything new to the table. What it does though, is refine the modern, sleek, and minimalistic look. NZXT focused on adding smart touches all throughout the case, in the name of allowing you to create a powerful but well managed build. The H700i is clean.

The H700i looks fantastic on a desk but all of the innovation here lies in the interior chassis. NZXT markets the H700i as a “smart” case thanks to the inclusion of a new smart hub powered by the company’s CAM software. Yeah—you can actually control this case.

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The hub is essentially a combination of the company’s CAM devices and acts as a digital fan controller that also controls preinstalled RGB LEDs and RGB fans.

These features already set the H700i apart from the crowd but the cable management on the backside was the icing on the cake. Four different cable routing channels with integrated cable tie downs made the process effortless and extremely satisfying. There's even an integrated mini NZXT Puck. 

Cable management is usually the most tiresome part of a build so the attention to detail here is what makes the H700i our absolute favorite case of the year.

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