Nvidia adds Dynamic Super Resolution support to older graphics cards


Article by Kevin Lee

Nvidia just released a new GeForce driver: 344.48 WHQL. On top of adding support for new games like Civilization: Beyond Earth, this new driver enables Nvidia’s Dynamic Super Resolution (DSR) technology on Nvidia GeForce GTX 500, 600 and 700 series desktop graphics cards.

In case you haven’t read up on DSR, it involves running a game at a higher resolution (up to 4K is currently supported) and then downsampling it to a 1080p screen to improve image quality. It’s essentially brute force anti-aliasing. Thus far, Nvidia has been promoting DSR functionality as a built-in feature for its new Maxwell GPUs. Now Nvidia has brought the technology to the older Fermi and Kepler GPUs.

The most exciting thing about Nvidia’s implementation is it works automatically through the GeForce Experience, and since the downsampling is done at the driver level, it’s more compatible and efficient (though not as configurable) than modder-created hacks, like Durante’s GeDoSaTo.

Players who want to further tweak their DSR experience can do so by clicking on the game-by-game settings in the GeForce Experience app. In this NVIDIA Control Panel you can select different DSR scaling factors and adjust the smoothness of the DSR filter, which sharpens or softens the in-game picture.

Dsr Auto Enabled In Geforce Experience

The latest 344.48 WHQL drivers also optimizes Nvidia graphics cards for new games including Civilization: Beyond Earth, Elite Dangerous, and Lords Of The Fallen. Support for Oculus Rift drivers on G-SYNC systems has also been added. You can download the GeForce Game Ready 344.48 WHQL driver through the GeForece Experience application or from Nvidia’s website here (opens in new tab).


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