Nowhere needs 120,000 euros to get somewhere


There are a lot of game pitches out there, but German developer Duangle has created something we just have to share. It's a game called Nowhere , and it might very well be one of the most interesting takes on life we've seen in a long time—it just has to become a game first.

You play as a “Nowherian,” an alien being that grows to various sizes—event to the point where Nowherians are living inside other Nowherians. They still act as a society. They fight wars, speak a language, and find love. It's almost like an abstract rendition of Spore, though that example doesn't do the pitch video justice.

Nowhere is being developed for the Oculus Rift from the get go, making this abstract alien-life simulator all the more intriguing. The game's still early, and the two-person team is asking for 120,000 euros to fund the game's estimated two year development cycle. The base game will cost you $21, though there's a $10,100 option for those quickly running out of oxygen because their house is filled to the brim with cash. I'm guessing that's not a common problem.