November is absolutely packed with cool Monster Hunter: World events

Capcom does not want you, or I, or anyone else to stop hunting monsters for one damn second. On November 16, it's launching Monster Hunter: World's special crossover event with Devil May Cry, which will last for two weeks and includes a number of special items, including a Dante-themed sword and armor set. At the same time, Capcom's also going to be running another event, with a new Elder Dragon to fight: Lunastra. Both events come hot on the heels of the Halloween Harvest update, which had its own bevy of special armor and weapons, and a special 16-player raid against one of the game's biggest monsters, Kulve Taroth, which is actually still ongoing. 

For players who want to devote time to monster hunting nearly every single day, World's PC event schedule has been fantastic—maybe even a bit overwhelming. Our version of the game is playing catch-up with the console version, which launched almost seven months earlier. That's meant an accelerated, or at least reorganized, collection of these special one-off events. For example, the Devil May Cry crossover happened on consoles about three months after release, just like it is on PC. But the Kulve Taroth siege actually hit consoles in August, way after release. On PC, it came within three months.

Here's the timeline of Monster Hunter: World PC events for the rest of November.

Kulve Taroth Siege ends on November 22 at 23:59 UTC

  • A 16-player fight against the big golden dragon Kulve Taroth
  • Time's running out to get those unique weapons and Kulve Taroth parts
  • Correction: Originally meant to end on November 15, but the event has been extended for a week due to networking issues for some players.

Devil May Cry collaboration event runs from November 16 at 0:00 UTC to November 29 at 23:59 UTC

  • From the Steam update: This quest includes a new weapon, 'Dante's Devil Sword' (a charge blade), and the 'Dante α' armor set
  • Beginning with the event, and continuing after, you'll be able to purchase new DLC: the Devil May Cry Dual Guns gesture and Devil May Cry sticker set

Lunastra arrives November 22

  • From the Steam update: Lunastra is the blue mate of the fiery Elder Dragon Teostra. Her materials can be used to create new weapons, a unique armor set, and Palico armor.
  • A new specialized tool will be added: the Temporal Mantle. This garment nullifies damage from powerful attacks by automatically evading.

There are still months of events to come down the pipe, and they're all free, which feels almost ridiculous. No big expansions or season pass of DLC—just a steady stream of new monsters to hunt, new weapons to learn how to fight with, and new armor to collect the parts for.

As a regular player, I'm also happy to see that Capcom is still making improvements to the PC version of the game, which was quite demanding on release and had a few bad crashing and connection issues. As far as I know, those crash bugs were quickly fixed, and I rarely have connection issues, though judging by the game's recent Steam updates, some players started having problems after a recent patch. Getting disconnected is frustrating in a game that's all about playing with a group, but Capcom at least seems diligent about fixing those problems. And it's still improving the PC version in other ways, too. World's getting a few nice new PC options on November 22, which include:

  • "DOF (Depth of Field)" will be added to the Advanced Graphics Settings. This feature allows you to enable/disable the functionality to adjust focus by changing the camera distance.
  • "Vignette Effects" will be added to the Advanced Graphics Settings. This feature allows you to enable/disable shading of screen edges by adjusting the brightness between the center and peripheral areas.
  • A preset function will be added to the Keyboard Settings, allowing you to save changes you made to the key configuration.

If you haven't played much Monster Hunter: World since launch, November's going to be a great time to jump back in. Go stab Kulve Taroth in the face a few times.

Wes Fenlon
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