Not a Hero suffers a slight delay

Not A Hero Cropped

Roll7's Not a Hero, the pixelated, cover-based 2D shooter starring a time-traveling rabbit and a hitman-turned-political-operative named Steve, will not be out on May 7. It was supposed to be, but publisher Devolver Digital announced today that it needed another week to cram in more frames per second.

"Not A Hero’s short but life-changing seven-day delay marks additional time for tweaking and testing the most recent tech update to the game, which brought the action from a dull and dreary 30fps to a pants tingling 60fps," Devolver explained in the announcement. "It’s like the game is licking your eyeballs now."

A week is no time at all in game-delay terms (recall that Dead Island 2 was recently pushed back to some undetermined date in 2016), and in the meantime you can still horse around with the demo. I think it's actually quite good: Wantonly violent and bloody, but silly enough that you're not likely to be emotionally scarred by the experience.

So, with the extra seven days factored in, Not a Hero will be out on May 14 on Steam, GOG, and the Humble Store. Details, including the old release date, are up at

Andy Chalk

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