Not a Hero demo released

Not A Hero demo

Not A Hero demo

Not a Hero is a game about the BunnyLord, a time-traveling rabbit who's running for mayor of London on a promise to clean up the city through not-overly-discriminate applications of violence delivered by his campaign manager, Steve. For some of you, that's all you need to know. Others will no doubt still want a demo. So, here's a demo.

If you enjoy really sinking your teeth into a game's backstory, you'll likely want to head to, the website of the UJIP, a previously unknown British political party that's staunchly against immigration from the future. The party claimed credit for breaking into BunnyLord's campaign headquarters, stealing an incomplete copy of the game, then cracking and uploading it. The "illegally distributed" version has been modified to contain "strong anti-BunnyLord imagery and sentiments," as well as four levels from the full game.

The demo is an opportunity to get a taste of what's in store, and if you like it you can also preorder the game for ten percent off the regular price of $13/£9/€13. Preorders placed prior to the May 7 release will also come with a free copy of Roll7's previous release, the 2D skating game OlliOlli, which Phil quite liked.

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