Nioh 2–The Complete Edition comes to PC next year, with a terrible hat

Nioh 2—The Complete Edition will release on Steam February 5, 2021. The game comes with all three DLCs, and a bonus Valve helmet that looks like this.

The Valve hat from Nioh 2.

(Image credit: Team Ninja)

You do you, I guess. 

Nioh 2—The Complete Edition comes with 4K support, ultra wide-screen compatibility, HDR and 144Hz monitor support, and runs at 120 FPS if your rig's up to it.

Team Ninja's Fumihiko Yasuda, the game's producer, says “We are extremely thankful to all of our die-hard PC fans who have patiently waited to play Nioh 2. We are working hard here at Team NINJA to add the finishing touches to Nioh 2–The Complete Edition, and are excited for you to experience this gripping masocore game with a wealth of graphical customisation. Ready your blades, and unleash your darkness.”

I had to look up 'masocore', which it turns out is a hideous portmanteau of masochism and hardcore. It's no Revengeance that's for sure.

Alongside this announcement Nioh—The Complete Edition is now 70% off until November 20, so £12, and if you like extremely challenging thirdperson combat that is something of a bargain. One final thought: port Ninja Gaiden 2, you cowards.

Rich Stanton

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