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Nioh 2's latest patch fixes the previous update's crashes

Nioh 2 Complete Edition screens
(Image credit: Koei Tecmo)

A new patch for Nioh 2 has fixed the incessant crashes and assorted other issues introduced by the game's previous update.

Earlier this month, patch 1.27 brought in some much-needed mouse and keyboard support to Nioh 2. Unfortunately, it also brought non-stop crashes to some players, along with odd behaviours when played at 120fps and an issue where text would disappear from the game's menus.

Last night, Team Ninja dropped update 1.27.1, hopefully bringing an end to most of these issues. According to patch notes posted on Twitter, it appears crashes were being caused by everything from opening the character page with DLSS enabled to simply loading up certain environments.

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Nioh 2 is a brilliant soulslike, a sequel our review reckoned "evolves what was already unique about Nioh into something that Team Ninja can very much call their own".  Hopefully, this week's patch means we can all get back to enjoying it without waiting for the game to crash out beneath us.

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