Ninja partners with Red Bull, announces 'Rise Till Dawn' Fortnite duos tourney

Fortnite streaming celebrity Tyler 'Ninja' Blevins recently announced a new partnership with Red Bull on stream, playing a short clip of himself donning a Red Bull branded headband to lights and sound and music. Blevins detailed the partnership and followed up by announcing the Red Bull Rise Till Dawn Fortnite duos tournament, scheduled for July 21 on the 99th floor of the Willis Tower in Chicago. 

Rise Till Dawn is a strange one, too. While the competition has yet to be fully detailed, it doesn't start until sunset and doesn't stop until sunrise. Currently scheduled for 8:21 pm to 5:35 am the following morning, competitors will "battle to accumulate the most points possible before the sun rises over Lake Michigan." And like Ninja Vegas, Blevins will be in the spotlight for Rise Till Dawn with bonus points awarded to those that take him out.  

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Apparently, taking out Ninja is quite the sell. According to ESPN, the event was booked up within minutes of registration going live. 

While Ninja hasn't announced who his duos partner will be, he expressed interest in regular streaming friend DrLupo during the announcement stream. "Off the top of my head, I think I'd want DrLupo to be there." DrLupo is likely to be there in some form anyway, whether as Ninja's partner or, as was the case in Ninja Vegas and the Fortnite Celebrity Pro-Am, as a shoutcaster for the event. 

"I need you guys to know something, alright? I've been sniffing around Red Bull's headquarters for the last seven years," said Blevins. "I've been a fan of them forever, I've been wanting to work with them forever, ever since Dave 'La Dave' Walsh got sponsored in the MLG Gaming Days."

While I'm sure big money is exchanging hands, Ninja's relationship with Red Bull does go way back. Below, watch a young Ninja talk trash in Halo Reach alongside 'La Dave' at a Red Bull LAN tournament from 2011. 

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