Ninja is streaming on Twitch again

(Image credit: Epic Games)

Ninja is currently streaming Fortnite with Dr Lupo on Twitch. It's the first time he's been back on the platform since he departed for Mixer last year, but his Twitch channel with its almost 15 million followers is active once more, with around 84,000 people currently watching him mucking around in the battle royale. 

The streamer has framed this return as an impromptu event, so it doesn't mean that he's coming back to Twitch full time. No doubt he's being courted by multiple platforms now that he's free from Mixer, which shut down last month. 

Ninja allegedly made $20-30 million by moving to Mixer, so snatching him up is likely going to cost whatever platform he lands on a hefty chunk of cash. He also streamed on YouTube last month, so he's playing the field a bit. 

His success in the world of streaming has also made him hungry for more of the spotlight, and he told The Hollywood Reporter that he's looking at "literally anything and everything in Hollywood," including movies, cartoons and voice acting. Someone told him he was a "natural" when he filmed his cameo in Free Guy, so they're to blame. 

Fraser Brown
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