Nier: Automata PC release date may have been leaked by a new trailer

The new Nier: Automata trailer, "Arsenal of Elegant Destruction," is very much an exercise in "show, don't tell." It is entirely without dialog, instead serving up a solid two minutes of things getting stabbed, slashed, shot, blown up, hammered, and otherwise clobbered in visually impressive ways. It's fun to watch, if not terribly informative, but there is a very interesting little tidbit at the end: A possible PC release date. 

We've known for awhile that Nier: Automata is slated to hit the PS4 on March 7, but as we noted last week, the PC release date is—or perhaps was—still up in the air. And sure enough, this trailer, posted on the official Square Enix North America YouTube channel, concludes by saying, beneath a PS4 logo, "Available 3.07.17." If we pop over to Gematsu's channel, however, we see exactly the same trailer, but with a slightly different ending. 

It's not official—it could be that we've annoyed Gematsu somehow, and now they're messing with us—but it seems very likely that the PC version of the Nier: Automata will be out just a few days after the PS4 release. That would certainly be nice. It may also be wrong, but fingers crossed that this really is the cat getting out of the bag a little earlier than planned. I've emailed Square Enix to ask if the date is accurate, and will update if and when I receive a reply.

Thanks, Eurogamer.

Andy Chalk

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