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Nidhogg 2 is releasing for PC next month

The sequel to Nidhogg – aptly titled Nidhogg 2 – is a much more colourful and lurid affair than its predecessor. Personally I'm glad for that, because judging by this recent gameplay video it looks beautiful in motion.  It won't be long before we'll all get to marvel at its grotesque splendour for ourselves, because the game will release on August 15.

The Steam page is up over here, where you'll also find the typically undemanding system requirements. In addition to looking prettier / uglier, Nidhogg 2 will introduce new weapons and even allow you to use projectile attacks – something very much not keeping in the spirit of the original. A good move if you ask me, because the first game is perfect and can always be returned to if you hate throwing swords.

Here's a lengthy impressions piece by James from last year.

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