Nidhogg 2 looks reassuringly crazy in new footage

Nidhogg 2's (brilliant) new art style seemed to divide people when the game was unveiled late last year, but I think the colourful, expressive pixel art suits the nature of Messhoff's ridiculous fighting game down to a tee. We can see more of the duelling action game (that will now feature other weapons than just swords) in a new, nearly 20-minute video out of E3, which you'll find below.

It's the PS4 version of Nidhogg 2, but the game is also coming to PC, and I don't imagine it will look or play any differently there. In the footage, we can see a few of those new weapons in action, including a handy ranged option in the form of the bow. We can also see the messy new stomp move, that will let you stamp on the other player until they're little more than a pile of colourful goop.

Nidhogg 2 wiill be out sometime this Summer, and while you probably won't need them, you can view the system requirements over on the Steam page. We gave the original game a glowing review when we took a look at it back in 2014.

Thanks, Polygon.

Tom Sykes

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