Where to find Petal Caps in New World

fronded petal caps in new world
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Looking for Petal Cap locations in New World? There's a whole host of resources to collect in New World, but on an island filled with things to harvest, it can hard to know exactly what to look for. While hemp is an easy find, Fronded Petalcaps are a lot harder to spy, and if you're trying to complete the 'Weakness of the Ego' quest, this can be frustrating.

It can be ever harder to find a quest resource in a starting area, considering everyone is looking for it, and harvesting as soon as they find any. So, whether you need it for crafting potions, or to complete 'Weakness of the Ego', this guide has you covered. Here are the New World Petal Cap locations, as well as how to gather them.

New World Petal Cap locations: Where to find the resource

Fronded Petal Caps are generally found in grasslands and wooded areas. The area around Windsward is a good place to start, though you can find them scattered as far as northeast of Cutlass Keys. You can refer to the map above for more densely packed areas. Alternatively, this interactive map will give the exact locations. You may also have more luck finding the plants further away from the settlement, depending on how busy your server is.

The plant itself looks like a rounded spray of leaves with a thick stalk growing from the center. Check the screenshot above if you're not sure what to look for. You'll need a flint sickle or better to harvest any resources from it, though you can gather it from level 1 in Harvesting.

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As mentioned above, Petal Caps can be used for various potions and you'll need to gather at least three for Weakness of the Ego, one of the main quests from Everfall. In addition to Petalcaps, the plant has a chance to yield Green Pigment as well as Mushroom Fins.

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