New Space Marine trailer: eyeball of war!

Space Marine Gamescom trailer

It's the attack of the trailers! Fresh from Gamescom, Relic have released an intimate new trailer for Space Marine in which we actually go inside an Ultramarine's eyeball. In there we find endless war, in the form of some awesome new moving pictures in which a Space Marines shoots, slashes and curbstomps a host of Orks.

We get to see a few ranged weapons in action, including the heavy bolter and some sort of cannon that can shoot down Ork planes. Melee-wise, he only wields a chainsword, but the things he does with it are pretty damn brutal. Relic are touting Space Marine as a Gears of War killer, which is interesting because Gears of War itself borrowed much from Games Workshop's dark vision of humanity on the brink of extinction, in which a small army of supersoldiers in massive armour are the only line of defence against an overwhelming alien horde. In the case of Space Marine, the alien horde is made up of comedy Orks, which means that if humanity is to fall, it'll at least be hilarious.

Tom Senior

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