New Rainbow Six Extraction trailer shows off more operators ahead of 2022 release

Rainbow Six Extraction may have been pushed back to 2022, but that doesn't mean Ubisoft is slowing down its marketing. A new trailer for the co-op Siege spinoff premiered yesterday during the PlayStation Showcase livestream, which you can watch above.

The beginning of the trailer shows snippets of an opening cinematic setting up the world of Extraction. If you never played the limited-time Siege Outbreak event that Extraction is based on, then let me catch you up to speed: an alien parasite crash lands in New Mexico and starts infecting humans, creating the nasty alien zombie monsters that I already forgot the proper name for (oh that's right, the Archæans). We played a few hours of Extraction a few months back and liked it well enough, but the pace was a little slow for my liking.

For those of us coming to Extraction as Siege players, you'll also be interested to see more gadgets in action in the new trailer. We saw that Nomad's Airjabs work about the same as they do in Siege, except the giant alien that runs into it was staggered instead of knocked over completely.

Tachanka is also on the roster, but interestingly, only in his pre-rework form with a deployable turret. A stationary turret never made much sense in a game where players can constantly spot you through walls, but it seems completely viable against AI zombies that run toward you like a bunch of boneheads. I also spotted who I'm pretty sure is IQ. Her gadget in Siege is a handheld scanner that can see electronics through walls. That doesn't sound like it'd be very useful in Extraction, so it has probably seen some tweaks as well. Pulse is in a similar position with a heartbeat sensor that, in Extraction, simply detects enemy-spawning nests instead.

Rainbow Six Extraction was originally slated to come out this month, but a recent delay pushed the date to sometime in January 2022.

Morgan Park
Staff Writer

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