PUBG's new snow map: What we know so far

At E3 2018, PUBG teased a new map: all we saw were footsteps in the snow, and the teaser "winter 2018." So we've known a new PUBG map is coming eventually, and it's snowy. What else do we know?

Reddit users datamined PUBG's game files in September and found images of the new map from above, along with its name: Dihor Otok. It looks roughly like a 6x6 km landmass, which makes it larger than Sanhok, PUBG's small, fast-paced 4x4 map.

Here's an overhead view of Dihor Otok from two of the leaked images.

As you can see from the top image above, the total area of the map measures 8x8 kilometers, but other than a smattering of tiny islands (or just icebergs), there's mostly just a lot of water around the 6x6 km landmass. The map looks particularly mountainous, with an interesting river cutting through the middle—it looks frozen over on the northern half of the map, but still boat-friendly on the southern half.

You can check out this imgur gallery of pictures from the datamine. We don't have any screenshots of the map itself at ground level, but we do have model viewer captures of some buildings and locations that may feature on the map, including pieces of a castle, a church, some city buildings, and a "Dino Park maze" that looks like a real good time.

Based on a file called "weather_night" in the gallery above, players are also speculating that a night mode is coming to PUBG alongside the new map.

With winter on the way, we'll be on the lookout for more details on PUBG's new map as they appear.

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