New info on the Team Fortress 2 Über Update


Activate nerd shivers and/or chills. Team Fortress 2's official website was just updated to showcase the incoming Über Update , and this looks like the update to be crowned king of all free content updates. Hailed as the "biggest, most ambitious" addition of content in TF2's history, it's sure to be a doozy. With the announcement of Mobster Monday items for the Spy and Heavy classes, confirmation of the incoming Meet the Medic video, and a new Payload map, we're already itching to try out all the new goodies. Check out what's coming your way when the update gets released this Thursday!

PCG's Gut Reactions™:

Black Market Business—The Heavy

  • Tomislav: Who would've thought the Heavy could be a stealthy killer? With the silent spin-up of this sleek-looking mini-gun, you can hide behind corners fully revved, then guffaw when an unlucky passerby Pyro or Scout goes from full health to obliterated in seconds.

  • The Family Business: Managing Editor Chris Comiskey, perhaps better known as Havoc06 the Heinous and Hated Heavy (or just Havoc06), drooled a bit when he saw this sweet shotgun. Now you won't have to cry manly tears if your mini-gun goes empty in the middle of an Übercharge.

  • The Eviction Notice: This makes an excellent complement to the Buffalo Steak Sandvich—grab a bite to eat, then throw out mini-crit fists at the speed of light that'll turn your target's jaw into jelly.

The Man of Honor—The Spy

  • The Enforcer: Not every Spy has to be obsessed with backstabbing all the time. There's always the age-old technique of creeping up to a Sniper nest, then plugging them full of lead before they even know what hit them. Serves them right for wearing the Razorback.

  • The Big Earner: With the extra cloak this dagger generates, we foresee huge potential for running backstab loops around your favorite map. You'll be like Batman, darting from enemy to enemy before disappearing altogether. Just watch out for those stray rockets and grenades.

  • The Made Man: If you want to upgrade your taunt, which is just as crucial as upgrading your weapon, this looks to be the pick. Incite fury in your opponents by wishing that they rest in peace—they would've wanted it that way. Or, simply cackle with glee as your flick a rose onto the corpse of your enemy.

From the name "Mobster Monday" and the scale of this update, it almost sounds as if we'll be seeing new items for every single class each day this week. If that's the case then, oh man—this week might get gobbled up by TF2 marathons; stay close to our Steam group for the myriad of events that are sure to pop up. While you're at it, check out the description of the new map , and get your friends who don't yet have TF2 (those kooks) to join you— TF2 is free all this week !