New gameplay footage of The Chaos Engine remake shows off devotion to the original

We last heard about the remake of PC gaming classic The Chaos Engine a couple of weeks ago, and we're delighted to hear that the game will be making its way to a speedy release later this summer. Gamers of the appropriate age (read: old) may remember The Chaos Engine, a top-down shooter from 1993 for the Amiga. It featured a steampunk setting, two-player gameplay and blazing-fast 16-bit programming. Sixteen whole bits! Imagine.

The good folks at Eurogamer snagged an interview and gameplay footage from developer Devolver Digital, formerly of Hotline Miami. The new remake of the classic cooperative shooter, which will be coming to Steam in early August.

“The idea was just to bring the original game back as it was. We're not trying to change too much... We just want to bring back that sort of hardcore, top-down shooter, tough game that people remember,” says producer Stuart Martin.

The game features all of the original voicework and gameplay conventions of the original. It will also come bundled with the usual complement of features, including leaderboards and achievements.

Check out the game's website for more details. Thanks, Eurogamer .