New Duke Nukem game from Rise of the Triad dev to be revealed Feb. 25

A teaser website for a new Duke Nukem game has appeared at , referencing one of The King's cheesiest and well-known one-liners. A countdown clock indicates that more information will be revealed on February 25, though just a little bit of online snooping has already uncovered some details.

The website first went live with a secret message written in an alien language, which has since been decoded. It references an alien species named the Kyrr, which appear to be the canon fodder this time around. It also revealed the name of the game, Duke Nukem: Mass Destruction, and that it will release on PC and PlayStation 4. It will be built in the Unreal engine. The most curious bit of information is that Mass Destruction will be a top-down action role-playing game, with experience point and tech trees.

That's a departure for Mr. Nukem, who started out as 2D action hero and went on to become a first person shooter in Duke Nukem 3D, which we are still big fans of .

The website features logos for 3D Realms and developer Interceptor Entertainment, the team that recently released the remake of Rise of the Triad , another old Apogee game. A quick check shows that the Interceptor did register the domain name, so this doesn't seem like like a repeat of the the fake Fallout Survivor 2299 website . We also already knew that Interceptor was working on another Duke game called Duke Nukem 3D: Reloaded, which still appears on the developer's official website .

It's unclear whether Mass Destruction is a reworked version of Reloaded or if it's a separate project.