New Batman: Arkham City screens send in the clowns


The sad clown character of Pierrot , famous from pantomime and Commedia dell'Arte, according to Wikipedia "became an alter-ego of the artist, specifically of the famously alienated artist of the 19th and early 20th centuries. His physical insularity; his poignant muteness, the legacy of the great mime Deburau; his white face and costume, suggesting not only innocence but the pallor of the dead; his eternal rejection by Columbine, coupled with his never-to-be vanquished unworldly naïveté—all conspired to lift him out of the circumscribed world of the Commedia dell'Arte and into the larger realm of myth. Much of that mythic quality still adheres to the "sad clown" of the postmodern era."

Anyway. Here's a new screenshot of Batman punching a one-armed clown carrying an enormous hammer, plus two other skulking shots.

Click on each to embiggen.