Natural Selection 2 Gorgeous Update brings player-made tunnels, living armor

In Natural Selection 2's world of dark, metallic hallways and disgusting alien growths, calling the upcoming update "Gorgeous" might seem like a strange decision. Active players will know, however, that this refers to the Kharaa's pudgy little support unit, the Gorge, which is getting a few new tricks added to its globulous sacs. We're also getting a new map, Descent, previewed earlier in this dev post .

Set to go live this month, Unknown Worlds revealed to Destructoid that the eponymous Gorge's new abilities will include creating fleshy tunnels (there just isn't a way to word that without it being weird) that can be used by marines and aliens alike to traverse the map quickly. Additionally, they'll be able to spawn smaller minions that can either attack, or attach to player-controlled species to act as living armor.

The update will be free for owners of the base game, which can be purchased for $25 on Steam . It makes a nice palate cleanser if you've been grinding your teeth on that other game .