Mutant Football League PAX Prime trailer touches down

Mutant Football League

This year's PAX Prime doesn't kick off until Friday, when we will of course be there in something close to full effect, but the Mutant Football League PAX Prime trailer is here right now.

It's about what you'd expect: mutants and monsters taking to the gridiron to play a version of football that includes not just feet and balls, but also "maximum carnage" and its infliction upon players on the opposite team. The single-player mode will offer 30 teams engaging in a 13-game regular season, plus playoffs and the Mayhem Bowl—apparently survival is a victory in its own right—and there will also be online and offline multiplayer support for up to four players in competitive and co-op modes.

Mutant Football League is a spiritual successor to the 1993 Sega Genesis game Mutant League Football, which was enough of a hit that it actually inspired an animated series, Mutant League, which ran for a couple years in the mid-'90s. A pre-alpha build of the game will be on display at PAX Prime, and more info is up at

Andy Chalk

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