Murdered: Soul Suspect announced again with new announcement trailer

Square Enix has just released an announcement trailer for its upcoming post-death detective game Murdered: Soul Suspect . Murdered was already announced back in February , but I suppose we should avoid getting hung up on semantics.

After being thrown out of window and and shot several times, detective Ronan O'Connor finds that he has ceased to be; he is an ex-detective. Trapped in the limbo afterlife world of Dusk, O'Connor has to solve his own murder to move on.

The game is set in Salem, Massachusetts, which is being regrettably billed as the “#1 most haunted place.” Poor Salem. You execute a couple dozen witches and nobody lets you live it down for three hundred years.

The trailer hints that O'Connor won't find himself alone in Dusk, as his first transition to ghostliness shows spectral spirits in the background, along with a old-fashioned, ghostly car. According to the website , you'll also battle demonic spirits who will try to stop you from solving your murder.

Murder's release date and development studio are so far unannounced, but we'll let you know if there's an announcement after this announcement.