Murdered: Soul Suspect announced, Square Enix investigate mortality

Murdered thumb

"The hardest murder to solve is your own," states the trailer for Square Enix's newly announced Murdered: Soul Suspect. Well yes, I'd imagine it is. By and large, being dead isn't conducive to rigorous detective work. Unless you're Hopkirk of Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased) . And even he had a guy to pick things up for him.

"Murdered: Soul Suspect takes players into a whole new realm of mystery where the case is personal and the clues just out of reach," reads the announcement. We don't yet know what plot conceit SE plan to deploy to let players investigate their demise. Or much of anything else, for that fact. The few clues we can piece together are that it's being developed for PC and consoles, and is due for release in early 2014. An equally sparse website has appeared here . Trained detectives will also note what appears to be the beginnings of an ARG .

Phil Savage

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