MSI is making a portable IPS gaming display with a 240Hz refresh rate

(Image credit: MSI)

CES is already handing out awards for its upcoming event in January 2020, and as such, MSI is an innovation award honoree. It earned the designation for its upcoming Optix MAG161, a portable gaming display.

Wondering what exactly that is? Think of it as a gaming laptop display, without the laptop. There aren't many details to go on, though according to the award page, it's "crafted as a small form factor with a slim 5mm vibrant 240Hz IPS panel." The award page also states it supports both USB Type-C and HDMI connections.

El Chapuzas Informatico lists a few more details, saying it consists of a 15.6-inch panel with a 1920x1080 resolution and 3ms response time (gray-to-gray). I'm not sure where the site is getting its information, but given the gaming demographic MSI is aiming for, those specs are at least plausible.

As noted by Hexus, Asus might take issue with MSI receiving an innovation award for a portable gaming display. That's because its ROG Strix XG17 introduced earlier this year is the same thing, only a tad bigger (it's a 17.3-inch display). Asus also sheds light on where hardware makers see these things drawing an audience.

"There’s no reason to settle for a subpar gaming experience just because you’re busy on the road. The ROG Strix Go XG17 opens the door to immersive after-hours action on a big 17.3-inch screen at up to 240Hz. During the day, it can be used to extend your Windows desktop for an extra infusion of productivity. At night, you can hook the XG17 up to your laptop, a game console, or even connect to your phone," Asus says.

I suspect MSI's eventual marketing pitch will be similar. That will have to wait. The apparent CES debut also means the Optix MAG161 will arrive sometime after the Black Friday deals season. Incidentally, the ROG Strix Go XG17 has yet to launch as well.

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