Mortal Kombat X welcomes Jason, Predator on May 5

Mortal Kombat X Jason

With their propensity for ultraviolence, and their ability to return from the dead, the cast of Mortal Kombat X are basically one step away from being slasher movie monsters. The only thing they don't do is chop up promiscuous teenagers attending ill-fated summer camps—but then again, who knows what they get up to between tournaments. Jason Voorhees, the same Jason Voorhees what done all them Friday the 13th films, is here to show the cast of MKX how it's done. For some reason he's being added to the game as DLC, along with Predator, and Tanya and Tremor from previous games.

Look, here's a very brief trailer confirming it.

And, if you need confirmation of the other characters, here's another brief trailer featuring all four.

Predator needs to find himself some better mates.

All four characters are part of the Kombat Pack season pass, which also comprises a few alternative character skins, and will set you back a staggering £24.99/$29.99. If you own the pack, you'll get Jason and co. on May 5th; everyone else will have to wait an extra week.

Thanks, Eurogamer.

Oh, you were wondering what we thought of Mortal Kombat X? We thought it was a "fine fighter with an enjoyably daft story, marred by wobbly port to PC".

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