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Mordhau, the medieval multiplayer melee, gets release date for this month

Medieval multiplayer hack-and-slasher Mordhau will be out on April 29, developer Triternion has announced.

Mordhau offers both 64-player brawls and small-scale fights, and you'll take part in castle sieges, cavalry charges, and horde-style combat against waves of AI enemies. Its battle royale mode will see you start with just your fists and compete to be the last player standing on a large map, while the circle closes in. 

It will also have a conquest-style Frontline mode, which is where you'll find the sieges and horse combat. Two teams compete on a large map, capturing enemy control points in a linear order. The end goal is to reach and take the other side's base.

It promises plenty of customization, both in approach to combat—you can be an archer or a bruiser with a two-handed sword—and over how your character looks. You make weapons out of smaller parts, and you can choose different individual armor pieces.

As someone who loved Chivalry: Medieval Warfare, this is one that I'm excited about. The Steam page doesn't yet have a price but the full game was unlocked with a $25 pledge on the game's Kickstarter page, which ended up raising nearly $300,000.

Watch the trailer above if you want to see some gameplay footage.

Thanks, VG247.

Samuel Horti

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