Multiplayer medieval melee Mordhau adds a bunch of new stuff

Kickstarter success story Mordhau promises multiplayer 64-player sieges and a combat system reminiscent of Chivalry: Medieval Warfare or War of the Roses or Mount & Blade, take your pick. It's currently in closed alpha and likely to stay that way for a while—unsurprisingly its release has been pushed back from 2018 to early 2019—but the latest dev blog includes a video that shows off some of the latest features to be added.

The first is archery, and plenty of thought has gone into ways of balancing various kinds of bow and also making them hard enough to use that archers won't dominate. Mounted combat is another new addition, with horses able to run down opponents if they have enough speed, and bonuses to damage both for and against charging riders who have built up some momentum. Hopefully, that will make horseback battling both risky and rewarding. Siege weapons, ladders, and other new features are also covered in the video, which is almost 15 minutes long.

Keys for Mordhau are being sent out to Kickstarter backers and those with Gumroad pre-orders, but everyone else will just have to wait until that "early 2019" release date.

Jody Macgregor
Weekend/AU Editor

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