Mordhau is a medieval multiplayer brawler with 64-player sieges

Mordhau bills itself as a "multiplayer medieval melee game featuring large open battles, siege engines, and mounted combat". It's been in development for the past year and a half, and has now been successfully crowdfunded in less than 24 hours—having accrued $107,331 over its $80,000 goal, at the time of writing.

All of this comes together in everything from one-on-one duels to sprawling 64-player castle sieges, whereby swords, shields, spears, gardening tools, catapults, bow and arrows, and jousting are but some of the weapons and techniques you'll use to overcome your enemies. Either that or, you know, you'll wind up with your throat slit as this poor chap discovers around the 2.10 mark here:  

Prior to development, the Mordhau team spent a year prototyping its game as it worked and reworked design ideas. Speaking to that, the game's project lead Marko Grgurovič says: "This long prototyping period has allowed us to define the mechanics and get rid of absurd and undesirable cases that are common for games like ours where collisions are calculated in real time. We want fights to looks like fights without the endless spinning and back twisting that are common in some games of this genre."

Details on what's in store regarding Mordhau's combat, battle environments, customisation options and more can be found via its Kickstarter campaign page

It's early days yet, but if Mordhau can build upon what's already there, and deliver on what it's now promising, it could be onto something special. Given it's already close to $30,000 above its initial crowdfunding target with 28 days left, its also almost certain to grow in scope. And with For Honor out now, and Kingdom Come Deliverance and Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord due this year, the medieval time period is being well served. 

No concrete release for Mordhau just yet, however its Kickstarter campaign suggests backer rewards will be fulfilled come March, 2018.