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Monster Hunter World: The Board Game coming to Kickstarter, with the 'complete' version costing $279

Monster Hunter World: The Board Game
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Monster Hunter World: The Board Game is launching its Kickstarter (opens in new tab) next month, and you might want to put away a bit of money if you're looking to back it.

The board game is being developed by Steamforged, the tabletop veterans behind the likes of the Resident Evil 2 (opens in new tab) and Dark Souls board games (opens in new tab). The game's rules (opens in new tab) mimic Monster Hunter: World, tasking players with taking on a variety of giant beasts and upgrading themselves with their giblets. Card decks are used to represent the different weapons, with players able to craft new weapons and armour from carved monster parts. Dicebreaker (opens in new tab) has a short video showcasing a snippet of gameplay along with the board, which features models of Rathalos, Great Jagras, Tobi-Kadachi, and Anjanath.

Monster Hunter World: The Board Game Pledge tiers and rewards

(Image credit: Steamforged Games/Capcom)

The Kickstarter is due to run from April 20 to April 30, a mere 10 days to jump in and pledge. The entry level (opens in new tab) will set you back $70 (£51 GBP) and nets you the Ancient Forest board, four monsters, four hunters, and what the makers estimate as a 30-hour campaign, with replay value.

There's also a mid-tier 'Core Pledge' which will cost $140 (£102 GBP), doubling the campaign time, hunters, and number of cards, as well as adding an additional five monsters.

If you want the 'complete' experience, you'll be looking at a hefty $279 (£203 GBP) price tag, but it ups the campaign time to around 75 hours, with 24 miniatures including the 'XXXL' Kushala Daora, and over 1,800 cards.

Monster Hunter: World was the first in the series to come to PC, apart from the MMO Monster Hunter Online. We're also being treated to a port of the upcoming Switch game Monster Hunter Rise (opens in new tab), which is still "very much in development" and touted for PC in early 2022.

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