Resident Evil 2 board game raises over $1 million in crowdfunding

Last month, Steamforged Games launched a Kickstarter for this Resident Evil 2 board game. Funded in less than an hour, it's now wrapped up its month-long campaign having accrued £800,561, which translates roughly to $1,056,262. 

The project's original ask was £150,000, however its final total sees it capture all 34 of its pre-prepared stretch goals—which were made up of extra weapon cards, and a number of Kickstarter-exclusive figurines. Here's the skinny on how it works as per the game's creators: 

Players choose from a number of familiar characters before venturing into the zombie-infested streets and buildings of Raccoon City in a desperate fight to escape the nightmare! Designed specifically for the Resident Evil universe from the ground up, this game brings the thrills—and the dangers!—of the setting to the tabletop. World-class miniatures and innovative new mechanics help deliver an experience that captures the essence of the much-loved original video games while offering new twists and turns. 

As noted in the strap above, my favourite is the William Birkin 3rd Stage model which comes complete with the infected doctor's iconic displaced bulging eye, and oversized talons. A showdown with our G-Virus-infected foe plays out around the ten minute mark here: 

According to its Kickstarter page, the Resident Evil 2 board game is due in September 2018. If you missed it, Steamforged is running a limited-time 'late pledge' scheme on its website should you be interested. You might recognise Steamforged as the team responsible for the Dark Souls board game