Monaco pre-orders starting this week

Monaco , the top down indie action stealth game, has been in development for approximately 200 years now. While you'd be forgiven for assuming it was never actually coming out, we're (finally) starting to see some activity to suggest that one day, eventually, it will get an official released.

Andy Schatz has announced , via the Monaco Twitter account, that pre-orders for the four-player Ocean's 11-like heist-em-up will be starting this week, adding "Wednesday is the plan."

The pre-orders will be done through the Humble storefront, and will come with a Steam key. There's also mention of a four game pre-order bundle and a tease of "MAJOR" pre-order goodies.

What we still don't know is when it will move out of beta. Replying to a query about the release, Andy mentioned a "Marchish" release, but later clarified that, "gotta make sure I don't get ahead of my dist partners, no official date yet."

Phil Savage

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