Modder brings Minecraft Earth mobs to PC, including a chicken that lays mushrooms

Augmented reality mobile game Minecraft Earth, currently in closed beta, will have a number of exclusive mobs, including a cow that creates dandelions wherever it walks and a chicken that lays mushrooms. They sound fun, and thanks to YouTuber Logdotzip you can now bring them to the PC version of the game by downloading a data pack.

My favorite of the four mobs is the moobloom, a bright yellow cow that leaves a trail of flowers behind it. With Logdotzip's data pack installed, you can create a moobloom by feeding dandelions to a regular cow. It looks fantastic. Shear or kill the moobloom to get a yellow petal, and if you stick eight petals in a crafting table you'll get a dandelion necklace, letting you match the cow's ability to spawn flowers with every step. 

You can even milk the moobloom to get dandelion soup: drink it and you'll become sleepy (the world will turn very dark), but you'll also banish any nearby phantoms, which are usually attracted to players who haven't slept for days. 

Logdotzip has also created Minecraft Earth's cluckshroom, a red chicken with mushrooms sprouting on its back. To create a clucksroom you feed a red mushroom to a chicken. Killing a cluckshroom nets you a few unique items: first, a red feather that, when thrown near a mob, grants that mob a random status effect, and second, a mystery mushroom that you can eat for your own random effect, much like the base game's suspicious stew.

The muddy pig is the last of the animals. Placing dirt in water creates mud, which pigs will fall into and suffocate, spawning a muddy pig with a cool texture. Kill the pig and you'll just get mud back, but if you kill it with a flame sword, or a flint and tinder, it will drop bricks you can use for building. There's a new farming opportunity if ever I saw one.

The last addition is called Mob of Me, which will spawn when you die in Minecraft Earth. It's initially just a faceless human mob, and in Logdotzip's design you can replace its head with other models, almost like a human armor stand.

Check out the mobs in action at the top of this post, and grab the download link from the video's description if you're keen.

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