MMO Defiance to star (actor starring as) Jesus Christ (in forthcoming film)

Defiance star revealed

Defiance is a smart looking MMO shooter being developed by Rift creators, Trion Worlds. The interesting, insanely ambitious bit? It's set to tie in closely with SyFy's upcoming TV series of the same name. Trion say today that the bloke above aka. Grant Bowler, will take the lead in the TV series, which means we'll probably get to /wave at him in the final game.

The idea is that the MMO and the TV series will trade plot lines, with the events in one influencing the other. If a war breaks out in the show, you could find yourself signing up for front line combat in the MMO. Beyond that, little is known about the project, beyond the fact that it will have some big red monsters in it

The show is being written by Rockne S. O'Bannon, creator of Alien Nation and Farscape. Defiance leading man Grant Bowler also appeared in an episode of Farscape in 1999. Coincidence? Probably. Bowling's better known as Connor Owens in Ugly Betty and Cooter in True Blood. Later this year, he's set to appear as Jesus Christ in City of Gardens . So there you go. Sign up for Defiance, meet Jesus. Sort of.

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