Mirror's Edge Catalyst trailer shows off the gleaming City of Glass

Mirror's Edge Catalyst

The new Mirror's Edge Catalyst developer diary digs a little deeper into the game's story, which begins with Faith's release from a two-year stretch in prison. But the real star here is unquestionably the City of Glass itself. It looks absolutely gorgeous, even the “creaky” parts downtown, which will retain an air of “old-school Mirror's Edge."

Mirror's Edge Catalyst will have dynamic day/night cycles, unlike the first game, but the underlying approach to its representation will be largely the same. “It's clean. It's got this industrial elegance to its spaces,” Level Designer Terrence Cronin says in the video. “Not many games use clean. Everything's always dirty in games.”

As videos go, this one may not be terribly informative, but it's a great tease. Mirror's Edge Catalyst comes out on May 26.

Andy Chalk

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