Minecraft's new frogs were briefly swallowing goats whole

Minecraft - An orange frog extends its tongue towards a mountain goat, prepared to swallow it.
(Image credit: Mojang)

As part of the experimental features in Minecraft Bedrock version 1.18.10, Mojang has revealed some of the abilities of the frog mobs coming in this year's Wild Update. They can eat small Slimes and small Magma Cubes, which is a goofy enough habit. As Mojang shared during today's Minecraft Live presentation, frogs had a brief period as apex predators capable of swallowing entire goats.

Players started noticing this savage frog behavior in the beta version of Minecraft for Windows back in January. Their hunger was, as some players realized, insatiable.

the_frogs_can_eat_goats from r/Minecraft

During today's Minecraft Now where Mojang showed off a deeper dive on the upcoming amphibians, one player asked if frogs are able to eat axolotls. The answer is no (and in fact, axolotls can eat tadpoles), but Mojang's Alexander Östman explained the former goat-gobbling frog bug.

"I was developing the frogs and I was going to add this 'eat mob' behavior. As I was testing it, I thought I could test it together with the goat," Östman says. "I temporarily added that frogs could eat the goats, which I suppose is very, very silly. What happened was, I forgot to remove that part of the code when putting it into the beta, so for the first beta the frogs were actually eating goats. The first time I saw a player posting a video of this I literally fell off my chair laughing because it was so funny."

One of Mojang's community managers took things a step further and leashed several goats to a fencepost for one amphibious menace to swallow one by one, which only makes me think that frog doesn't want to be fed. Frog wants to hunt.

Östman also quickly shared another goofy bug where frogs would get stuck slapping themselves in the face with slimes attached to their tongues instead of actually eating them.

Neither goat swallowing nor frog face pong are planned to make it into the final release of the 1.19 Wild Update, of course. Frogs had their appetites curbed as of beta update You can help hunt for other weird frog bugs by turning on the Wild Update experimental features in Minecraft for Windows. 

frogs_can_eat_goats_in_the_latest_minecraft_beta from r/Minecraft

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