Build your very own witch farm in Minecraft

Minecraft witch farm

I think I can hear the sound of death-metal bands furiously scrambling for trademark papers. PCGamesN spotted a couple videos by Minecrafter Docm77 showing the construction, "supervision" of a witch farm erected after the release of the Pretty Scary Update. Don't rattle those pitchfork-shaped brooms just yet—while witches are beauty-challenged humans, they also carry numerous useful resources for builders such as Glowstone dust, sugar, gunpowder, and bottles.

Docm77 also published a short video guide on how to set up a witch farm of your own, complete with a softly glowing portal funneling the snared sorceresses into a lava-lined hell-chute of mass extermination . Happy farming!

Note: PC Gamer does not condone nor support the processing of witches.

Omri Petitte

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