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Minecraft Real Life Seasons mod is a sight to behold year round

Miencraft Seasons mod 2
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Modding Minecraft is just like enjoying a spelunk of a particularly large hole you just dug: there's a surprise around nearly every blocky corner. The colossal constructions (opens in new tab) of the sandbox's community deservedly soak up the attention, but many more mod-crafts glimmer in the background like precious gems. Here's a particularly interesting find (via Reddit (opens in new tab) ): the Real Life Seasons Mod (opens in new tab) , a texture pack that automatically coats your biome's climate with the appropriate season indicated by your computer's calendar.

Creator TQuin says the mod is compatible with all Minecraft versions and other mod combinations (he or she even includes a hilariously cheeky compatibility check (opens in new tab) ). It's not a brand new project, either, having been around since August 2011, but the plush video above released last weekend by MinecraftMill pushed it back into prominence.

Grab Real Life Seasons from TQuin's web abode (opens in new tab) which also offers an installation tutorial (opens in new tab) . Note that if you want to mimic the trailer's sun-ray-blasted beauty, you'll need a few (opens in new tab) more (opens in new tab) facelift (opens in new tab) mods (opens in new tab) .

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