Minecraft Basketball: shoot hoops with this excellent community map

One day, the Minecraft community's consistently stupendous creations will no longer be a continuing source of amazement to me. Not today though, because check this out! It's a functional basketball mini-game, complete with scoreboard and blocking mechanism. There's even victory fireworks.

The map , created by mapping collective The Farlanders , uses hoppers, minecarts, redstone and comparators to emulate the slams and jams of a b-ball court. Players attempt to throw the ball into the hoop, but are in danger of a switch that can be triggered to activate a blocking piston. It's all rather ingenious, and a testament to the flexibility of Minecraft and its increasingly creator-focused additions.

To play it you'll need three friends, each sporting the latest Minecraft snapshot (hoppers and comparators haven't been included in an official release yet). If that sounds like a whole lot of hassle, here's an instructional video that gives a tour of the map. It contains the sentence "Don't be alarmed if you begin to suffocate in a wall when you first spawn," which is pretty fantastic advice.

Expect to see much more Minecraft re-purposing following the release of the game's upcoming Redstone update .

Thanks, PCGamesN .

Phil Savage

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