Mind blown: Minecraft to link servers with portals

Minecraft Rapture

Notch has been hard at work crafting a massive Halloween update for Minecraft, which includes an entire hell dimension which can be mined for new materials, and used to fast travel across the overworld. But that's not all he's working on, earlier today he dropped a bombshell on Twitter, saying "Yes, you will eventually be able to link servers with portals." Read on for more information and an awesome bonus video.

The idea of linking Minecraft servers together is mind boggling. The randomly generated worlds are already vast, adding portals between them means resources could be shared, more people can be more easily recruited for mad building projects, and you'd get to wander into your friends' worlds and check out their creations (and blow them up). As a caveat, Notch does also say "NOT SOON, though", which suggests the portals won't be implemented with the impending Halloween update.

As well as the new dimension, the Halloween update will add new, more dangerous monsters as well as letting you catch fish and craft new items (hopefully out of fish). The craftable new treasures include a watch that will let you know when it's safe to emerge from your hidey hole, and flint to relight torches, useful for keeping Minecraft's nocturnal predators at bay.

Bonus video! Here's a magnificent recreation of the first few minutes of Bioshock, made entirely in Minecraft. (via Reddit )

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