Microsoft's product chief for Windows 11 is leaving after nearly 20 years at the company

Panos Panay speaking at CES.
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Panos Panay, chief product officer at Microsoft, is leaving after almost 20 years. Executive vice president Rajesh Jha told employees on Monday in an internal memo.

"After nearly 20 years at the company, Panos Panay has decided to leave Microsoft. Panos has had an incredible impact on our products and culture and the broader devices ecosystem," Jha also mentioned that Panos will be helping with the transition as the company will "double down on our strategy" moving forward.

Panay's role will be between Mikhail Parakhin and Yusef Mehdi. Mehdi will lead the Windows and Surface businesses, while Parakhin will form a new "Windows and Web Experiences Team."

Panay joined Microsoft in 2004, starting as a program manager before rising the ranks, eventually leading the development of over a decade of Surface products, and more recently leading the development of Windows 11. The former chief took to Twitter/X to say he was "forever grateful for my time at Microsoft and the amazing people I had the honor to make products with." 

In the same internal memo, he gave some details about the direction for the future, which will focus on building "silicon, systems, and devices that span Windows, client and cloud" to build "experiences that blend web, services, and Windows for an AI world."

According to Bloomberg, Panos Panay will join Amazon, replacing the retiring Dave Limp as its devices chief. 


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