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Microsoft reveal 'wired' Xbox One Controller for PC

There's a new addition to the "Hardware" section of Microsoft's website. It's the " Xbox One Controller + Cable for Windows ", a 'wired' Xbox One controller designed specifically for the PC platform. What I mean is, it's exactly the same as any other Xbox One controller, only it comes packaged with a micro-USB cable.

On the one hand, it's a single package designed to provide everything you need to use the improved Xbox One controller on your PC. On the other hand, if you've already got a micro-USB cable, you can use a regular Xbox One pad to exactly the same effect. That's because this pad is a regular Xbox One pad. Microsoft released the drivers for it months ago .

You've probably got a micro-USB cable somewhere in your house. You've probably got several. You're probably draped in them now, so full is your house of micro-USBs and micro-USB accepting devices.

If it sounds like I'm pointing out the obvious, Microsoft aren't exactly forthcoming about how non-proprietary this tech is. "Cable for Windows" is correct, but worded in a way to make it sound like it isn't just a micro-USB cable. One of the key features is "Wired Controller", but... well, I'm in danger of belabouring the point here, but it's actually a wireless controller. It's just the wireless bit doesn't work for PC.

"The Windows 7 and Windows 8-compatible controller brings the feel of the Xbox One to your PC," writes Microsoft . "The Xbox One Controller + Cable is the culmination of over 200 prototypes; featuring over 40 awesome innovations, it's the best PC controller Microsoft has ever produced." Regular Xbox One controller. Micro-USB cable.

In Microsoft's defence, the MSRP appears to be the same as that of a, er, standalone Xbox One pad. Also, this particular Micro USB cable is 2,743 millimetres, or three quarters the length of an average sized Burmese python. That's a pretty good length for a control pad cable.

The package is due out this November for $60. If you can't wait, though, you don't have to. Get an Xbox One pad; get a micro-USB cable. There, you're done.

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