Metro Exodus to showcase new footage at The Game Awards

The Game Awards takes place at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles tomorrow, December 7. We already know PUBG's desert map gameplay will debut at the event—and now it appears we'll see more from 4A Games' Metro Exodus too.  

That's according to long-serving show presenter Geoff Keighley, who last night promised a "brand new look" at the incoming FPS via the following tweet.

We don't have much to go on beyond that for now, which is why I'd like to point you in the direction of Sam's E3 interview with 4A's executive producer Jon Bloch and co-founder Andriy "Prof" Prokhorov. Due next year, Exodus marks the Metro series' first venture above ground, and it incorporates sandbox elements and mechanics along the way. 

Here's Block on the game's interpretation of an open-world:  

It's a combination of the classic Metro gameplay that everyone is used to from previous games where it's that linear style of gameplay. The level that we show in the trailer is later in the game and is one of our non-linear levels. 

We're doing this mix of classic gameplay and this new non-linear style and we wanted to maintain what our fans expect, what they've known, and what they're used to and love, while also introducing something new that is blending of what we've done over the past two games and plus something that the core team at 4A Games has done in the past with the Stalker games. 

We're not entirely open-world, then, it's more sandbox survival and everything is tied together with an overarching storyline that still carries the player through. They're still feel like they're playing a Metro game. 

Metro Exodus is without a concrete launch date, but is due at some stage next year.