Metro Exodus makes its way to Steam at 40% off

(Image credit: 4A Games, Deep Silver)

Feeling a deep-seated need to leave the Moscow metro and venture beyond, to the horrid nuclear wastes and terrible mutant creatures of eastern Russia? Good news, because Metro Exodus, the third in the long-running series, has come to Steam. It’s also currently priced at 40%, just $24, or a pretty sweet $50 for the entire franchise pack including Metro 2033 Redux, Metro: Last Light Redux, Metro Exodus, and the Metro Exodus expansions.  

Our Andy Kelly quite liked this post apocalyptic rail trip. From his Metro Exodus review: “What makes Exodus special, and the reason it held my interest all the way to the end despite the weak combat, is the journey. Freed from the dark maze of the Moscow Metro, the environment artists at 4A Games have achieved something remarkable here. From the frozen banks of the Volga to the dried-out Caspian Sea and beyond, the setting is constantly surprising and hauntingly beautiful. We've seen post-nuclear wastelands in a thousand videogames, but there's something about 4A's take on the concept that really creeps under your skin. A subtle air of hopelessness and melancholy that emphasises just how woefully tragic the state of this world is.”

Metro Exodus was released last year, and was exclusive on the Epic Games Store for a year. There’s no sign of other platforms, however: It doesn’t seem like Metro Exodus is coming to GOG or the like any time soon. You can find Metro Exodus on the Epic Games Store, on Steam, or at its official website

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