Metal Gear Solid 5's secret event detailed by Konami

Metal Gear Solid 5

A couple of months ago, we told you about a secret event in The Phantom Pain, a secret event that has something to do with nuclear disarmament...and that's about all I know, as I haven't yet finished MGS5, and didn't want to read that article past the spoiler warning. Still: secret events are pretty cool, right? If you thought you'd exhausted MGS5, you're probably pretty keen to know how you unlock it.

After weeks of mystery, Konami has detailed exactly how to unlock it—look, here's a handy four-step guide. Unlike similar secret content, this one requires everyone to pitch in: the event will only unlock when all nuclear weapons on your regional server have been dismantled. (We could probably achieve real-world nuclear disarmament with Valve implementing a similar system to unlock Half-Life 3.)

Konami is keeping track of how many nuclear weapons players own worldwide, and the number has already decreased massively since November 1—the number of nukes owned by PC players has been reduced by over a half over the course of November.

Tom Sykes

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