Meet the PC with a transparent video screen for a side panel

When iBuyPower announced its Project Snowblind over a year ago, people took notice. It was different than the usual PC gaming hardware that was flooding the market. Going beyond just internal RGB lighting, iBuyPower developed a case that integrated a transparent side panel that was also a full LCD panel.

Sure, you can get a case with a clear side panel, but Snowblind allows you to display essentially anything you want: video, images, programs, or you could even set the side panel to be completely opaque.

The Snowblind panel is a full secondary display, connected via a short DVI cable to one of the ports on your graphics card. Windows will recognize it as a display and you can then use it to display anything you wish. 

Having said that, we wouldn't recommend using it as an actual secondary monitor. The panel works great for displaying widgets and graphic effects, but doesn't make it easy to read regular text. iBuyPower has demoed Snowblind playing videos, and the effect is dramatic. The company also often shows the system with Rainmeter installed.

When we first saw Snowblind two years ago at Computex, it was just able to display a monochrome image, but now it can display full color graphics. Watch Bo go hands on with Snowblind and show off the system's capabilities.


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