iBuypower's transparent LCD side panel looks awesome

At a show like Computex, every company is trying to get your attention. From dancing girls, to crazy looking booths, to insane case mods, Computex a dizzying technology circus show. iBuypower's Project Snowblind was tucked away in a lonely corner of the convention center, away from all the hoopla, but it was one of the most interesting products we saw at the show.

Using a transparent LCD, the side panel currently connects to a spare HDMI port on either your motherboard or graphics card, and can be set to display essentially anything you want. System utilities showing overclocks and temperatures would be on the tame side; videos, websites, or a slideshow of images are all possible. The panel supports a full range of color and black to clear gradients.

An iBuypower rep told me that a USB version that connects to a motherboard header is in the works but didn't give a time frame on when that might happen. There was a hint that the company might bring the project to other case panels as well, but didn't say for sure. Right now, the Project Snowblind panel is compatible with NZXT's Noctis 450 and H440 cases.

If you ever wanted a case that could be either completely opaque or windowed, now you can have it. Or rather, you'll be able to have it at some point in the future. iBuypower didn't provide any information on pricing, availability, or panel resolution, unfortunately.

We previously reported that the panel was black and white only. We've corrected to mention the panel is full color.

Tuan Nguyen
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